Make sure your READ Everything!

Bring a good picture of yourself and bring it to class next week so you too can make one of these for use on your About Me Page of your website.

Please use this emailded318@gmail.comfor all course questions
This class is front loaded, this means.......more in the beginning, and it gets easier as the weeks pass. We will try to complete as much as possible during class time, but no guarantees that you will always finish during class!
But being in class will make everything easier.

You may only be paying for a one hour class, but this is not a 1-hour class. If you are to be prepared to use technology in your other classes, as well as, teach using technology in your won classroom very soon, a 1-hour course is not enough. So, think of this as a bargain. You only had to pay tuition for one hour, but in reality, you received at least three hours worth of information, resources, ideas, and knowledge. What a DEAL!!
For those of you new to MAC, here is a handout with all the Keyboard shortcuts.

Blogging in the Classroom: Weekly reflections (15 total)

We will be looking for new digital resources every week. In fact, we should always be on look out for new ways to improve our teaching and learning strategies. One of these strategies is to read what other teachers write about and keep track of their blogging updates. Of course, to do this you need to have a list of blogs created by teachers to follow. Many of the blogs mentioned below were the finalists for Edublogger Awards 'Best Teacher Blog for the year 2012. And some are past winners or just my favorites. The list is in no particular order.

Each week, select on from the list to explore and write a reflection. You will write one reflection each week (15 total weekly reflections). Each week, select something form the list below and write your reflection about what you learned, discovered, etc. The reflection each week is added to your website/blog with the specific title. Make sure all your writing is hyperlinked. That means it has live clickable links, like you are finding on this page. Always live links for everything you are discussing. Additionally, make sure all reflections and text on your website/blog include hyperlinks and at least one image (but the more the better) that goes with the story.

NOTE: we will learn how to make Hyperlinks in class week 2.

NOTE: we will learn how to make a screen capture in class week 2.

  • The easiest way to do this is by making a screen capture/shot. See the Tutorials and How-to Help page for instructions on making screen captures on a Mac, and a windows PC and even an iPad.

Select from the list below each week. If you find a blog you really like, you may use it multiple times, in fact, follow and read each week or you may use a different ones each week. It is your choice. But you will have 15 reflective writings by the end of the semester.

One reflection every week and up to 5 additional reflections will count as extra credit. So you could have as many as 20 if you choose to do the extra credit.

TITLE your reflection as follows:

  • Reflection Week 1: title of the blog

  • Reflection Week 2: Title of the blog

  • Reflection Week 3, Title of the Blog. etc and so on each week.

MAKE SURE IT IS TITLED PROPERLY. The more specific the better. Don't forget categories and tags.

Categories and tags will be explained Week 2 in class.

Complete by class time Week 2

For WEEK 2

  1. Purchase your web server space. Don't worry about setting up your site, just get your space purchased. Do not delay, do it today. Week 2, we will begin setting up your site.

  2. Write your first Weekly Reflection from the blog list above.Type it in your word processor on your computer and bring to class next week on a flash drive if using a Mac from the mobile cart during class. We will learn how to add your reflection to your website in class Week 2.

  3. Bring an appropriate picture of yourself to class next week. If you are using a MAC from the mobile lab, bring it on a flash drive.

  4. Purchase your book: Playing with Media By Wesley Fryer. See syllabi for details of where to purchase (not the campus bookstore) Here is a link to help you download your ePub Book to your iPad, Kindle, Nook, and even your computer.
  5. Help for downloading your eBook: http://www.speedofcreativity.org/ebooks/help/
    Q1: How do I get your eBook on my iPad?
    Q2: How do I get your eBook on my Kindle?
    Q3: How do I get your eBook on my Nook?
    Q4: I don’t have an eReader yet. How can I read your eBook I bought and downloaded on my computer?
    Q5: I have another question. Who do I contact?
    Click "add to cart" on the following page for the versions you want. I set this code to be 100% discounted and to work 5 times, if you want/need to download on different devices:
  6. More help for downloading your ePub Book : http://playingwithmedia.com/pages/about
  7. Join Edmodo, http://www.edmodo.com, Join as a TEACHER. The code to join our group is: uyqw2o. The group name is DED 318: Playing with Media. More details will be explained Week 2, for now, just join our group.
  8. Complete the Technology and Me survey above.