The final reading assignment is Chapter 6 & 7.
You will find the details in Edmodo by Friday, April 19.
The assignment will be due Week 14.
I am not posting the questions/ etc. until Friday, April 19, because I want you to read the chapter first.

Project Presentation from Week 11 and more fun with the iPads.

After the group presentations, we will do a little exploring for Apps.
  • 1. There are many ways to find Apps for the iPad.
  • 2. One of the most common places to locate Apps is the iTunes Store. The iTunes can be used on your iPad or on your computer.
  • 3. Check out my Pinterest board, I have iPad specific ones and I also add apps to the various content boards. http://pinterest.com/cyndidk
  • 4. Check out my Blog and check the Apps category. Tons of resources there. http://technologybitsbytesnibbles.info
  • 5. And here is a sight I just found that looks amazing. Sorta by grade level and content. https://www.appolearning.com/
  • 6. Find 5 apps that you could use in your classroom. You need be excited about them.
  • Title your post: Best Apps for my Social Studies Classroom (put your content are in the title)
  • 7. Your post must include,
    • the App Icon,
    • link to the app,
    • Description,
    • and of course cost.
  • NOTE: and additional 5 apps with give your extra credit, 10 total......

1. Week 12 Refection from the blog list on Week 1.
2. Make sure your Best Places project and reflection is on your website.
3. Add you Best Apps post to your website.
4. Week 14 is our final Peer check. Everything should be complete on your website by Week 14.
5. Week 15 is our in class final and our last class.
6. Attendance seems to be becoming an issue. I suggest you do you lebel best to be in class the next few week.s