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Create professional, beautiful flyers and promote them effectively.

Smore Pro is like Smore with whipped cream on top. But really good whipped cream. You know the type.


1. Add your Week 13 Reflection from details on Week 1. You should have 15 Weekly reflections by Week 14.
2. Complete the Week 13 SMORE assignment discussed above and add it to your website.
3. Celebrate Kansas Voices should be added to YOUR website as well as the Celebrate Kansas Voices NING Website by class time Week 14.
4. We will complete an assignment in class Week 14 and then complete the final PEER critique. Everything should be on your website by class time Week 14.
5. Week 15 is our last class, you will complete the "final project " in class and add to your website and complete the TEVALs. This in class project Week 15 is the only thing I will have left to check on your website. You will be DONE with DED 318 Week 15.
6. WE DO NOT meet during finals week.

Final Peer Critique Sheet that we will use in class Week 14....