Still having troubles with doing Screensshots: http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/

Embedding a You tube video on your site:
Click the share button below the video, copy that URL, for example: http://youtu.be/synntqin2Ks
Thing make some changes....
  • Delete the http:youtu.be/synntqin2Ks
  • Replace the http: with a bracket [youtu.be/synntqin2Ks
  • Then delete the . between the u and the b [youtube/synntqin2Ks
  • Now eliminate the slash / but leave the space [youtube synntqin2Ks
  • Then had the close bracket to the end [youtube synntqin2Ks]
  • Then publish and your video should be there
[youtube synntqin2Ks] the url should now like like this....

The Help and TUTORIAL page has HOW-to's for the following
Please take advantage of these tutorials:

1. The Ultimate WordPress Guide (downloadable PDF)
2. WordPress.com - Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog
3.How to Create your first post in WordPress
4. Adding Categories and Tags to your WordPress Posts
5. How to Add Images to your Posts and Pages
6. How to Change your WordPress header Image.
7. Add Image or Video to a WordPress page
8. Adding a YouTube video to your WordPress site
9. How to add a Ted Talks Video to Your WordPress site
10. How to add a Video to YouTube and create a YouTube account
11. How to add Google Forms to your WordPress site
12. How to Make a Screen Capture
13. How to Use Tagxedo Step-by-Step
14. Wordle Tutorial
15. Tutorial Create a Word Cloud with Tagul
16. iMovie on the iad
17. A lengthy list of tutorials for iMovie on your MAC
18. How to TURN up your SPAM filter for WordPress-Askmet
14. Voicethread Tutorials
15. Embedding a You tube video on your site

What we did Week 4 and Things to do for Week 5

1. Don't forget to add your Week 4 Blog Reflection to your website. Details on Week 1.
2. Don't forget to add resources to your Pinterest boards.
3. Add your Digital Footprints assignment.
4. Add your two Fun with Text assignments.
5. Answer the 2 question in Edmodo from the Reading Assignment from the Book Playing with Media (details on Week 3).