Just as the two advertisements before it, Sunday's commercial focused on the three keywords to spotlight some of the 300,000 apps made especially for iPad users. Using the words "Lights," "Camera" and "Action," Apple showcased iPad versions of //iMovie//, //Pinterest//, //Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos//, Apple Maps and //Action Movie FX//, among clips from well-known movies.

What we did Week 6 and things to complete for Week 7

  1. Peer Critiques in class, you must be present to participate. If you have everything completed with all the parts and pieces on your Website that appear on the Critique sheet, you can rest assured you have an A at this moment in class.
  2. We will be using the iPads in class today and learning iMovie.
  3. Don't forget to add your Week 6 Reflection to your Website, as always, details are on Week 1 page.