For next week, again go to EDMODO and complete the Assignment for Chapter 2 & 3 in your Playing with Media eBook.
This assignment is to make your own original PODCAST. Chapter 3 gives you numerous examples and methods for accomplishing this task. You will post your podcast here in Edmodo ,as well as, your own website.

In other words, your Podcast will be in two places.......Edmodo and your website.

Assignment Details: Your Podcast should be 5 minutes or less. Do a sales pitch, convince your colleagues they should check out these resources and they will want to use them. In your Podcast, share 3-5 or more resources in you teaching field. Make us think these are the greatest and most useful resources since sliced bread. Discuss the resource, the name, where to find the resource and how to use it in a lesson.

There are numerous tools to use to create a Podcast, and Wesley Fryer does discuss many of them in Chapter 3. If you are not hooked on the ones Dr. Fryer suggests, do a Google search for other possible tools you could use.

If you have a Mac or an iPad, you could use GarageBand or iMovie, or PhotoBooth.
http://www.apple.com/apps/imovie/ (iPad)
http://www.apple.com/ilife/imovie/ (Mac)

Another good tool on either a Mac OR Windows computer is Audacity.

There are tons of other options and a host of Apps that could be used on the iPad or computer. SoundCloud is another wonderful tool and extremely easy. We will be using it again with another project.


There are digital voice recorders in the Catalyst available for Checkout.

I did a little Google search and found tons of instructions on how to upload an audio file to Edmodo. Just search for How to upload an audio file to Edmodo.

Chapter 2 discusses Posterous and it has recently been bought by Twitter and is no longer working. Wes Fryer has some up with a solution/substitution:Options for Posting by Email (RIP Posterous)

Title: Podcast (and the name or your Podcast) (Due March 15)
Deadline extended to Wednesday, March 27th.

iPad logo.png

Part 2 of iPads in the Classroom.
This is an in class activity............



Haiku Deck

and several other apps for making presentations.


1. Add your Week 7 reflection to your website.
2. Write a reflection/blog post about your experience with the iPad.
3. For Week 8 Reading Assignment, Chapter 2 and 3 in the book, Playing with Media. Details above and in Edmodo. Podcast posted to your website.