iPad Class, Monday's 5:30-7:20, Week 1, 2, 3 Additional information specific to the iPad

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  • We will be doing some things related to the iPad that obviously will not be discussed in the other sections of the iPad.

  • So......the general information about the resources and basic course material, assignments, etc. will appear on the weeks page.

  • Additional information related specifically to the iPad will be on the iPad Class Monday pages. Make sure you know your iTunes Login & Password, you will use it in class quite frequently.

  • Week 3, we will spend a little time On WordPress and getting your blog set up on your iPad, additionally we will discuss settings, iCloud, Notifcations, Location Services, etc and using the Camera.

A great resource about everything iPads from the Buhler Schools and my friend Mary Frazier. This is an amazing wiki with tons of good information about iPads and using them in the classroom. You can learn a ton here. CHECK IT OUT.


Apps we will be exploring the first few weeks.

WordPress App:Free


Pinterest App: Free
Tutorial for Pinterest on the iPad

iBooks App:Free


Edmodo App: Free

A little fun:

Talking Tom Cat: Free


Toy Story Read Along: Free


WordPress App Tutorials

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 11.10.56 AM.pngWordPress How To Video Tutorials: .99¢ This is really good, I encourage you to purchase. It is only .99¢. This app features a set of 37 step-by-step videos thoroughly documenting everything you need to correctly setup a WordPress blog.

The tutorials includes: The 37 videos in this app thoroughly document the ins and outs of Wordpress... step-by-step... from installation to fine tuning the settings that most people dont even know exist! Each topic is laid out in an easy-to-follow manner. If you want to learn how to start using WordPress, these videos will do the trick. Here's what's covered in WordPress How To Tutorials for Beginners:

  • • Video 1 - Duration: 02:12 Installation
  • • Video 2 - Duration: 06:09 Dashboard
  • • Video 3 - Duration: 08:50 Posting
  • • Video 4 - Duration: 03:54 Editing Posts
  • • Video 5 - Duration: 02:09 Tags And Categories
  • • Video 6 - Duration: 02:40 Links
  • • Video 7 - Duration: 03:03 Pages
  • • Video 8 - Duration: 01:46 Comments
  • • Video 9 - Duration: 01:54 Themes
  • • Video 10 - Duration: 02:37 Add A Theme
  • • Video 11 - Duration: 10:05 Widgets
  • • Video 12 - Duration: 01:20 Editors
  • • Video 13 - Duration: 02:32 Plugins
  • • Video 14 - Duration: 02:04 Tools
  • • Video 15 - Duration: 04:36 Users
  • • Video 16 - Duration: 02:40 General Settings
  • • Video 17 - Duration: 02:58 Writing Settings
  • • Video 18 - Duration: 02:06 Reading Settings
  • • Video 19 - Duration: 02:17 Discussion Settings
  • • Video 20 - Duration: 02:33 Permalink Settings
  • • Video 21 - Duration: 01:06 Misc
  • • Video 22 - Duration: 05:05 Media
  • • Video 23 - Duration: 08:15 Neat Tricks
  • • Video 24 - Duration: 00:24 Upgrade Wordpress, Plugins, And Themes
  • • Video 25 - Duration: 00:41 Delete Old Or Unwanted Plugins
  • • Video 26 - Duration: 00:28 Delete Unused Themes
  • • Video 27 - Duration: 00:39 Delete Unwanted Media
  • • Video 28 - Duration: 01:12 Clean Up Your Database
  • • Video 29 - Duration: 00:37 Check For Dead Links
  • • Video 30 - Duration: 00:31 Delete Spam Comments
  • • Video 31 - Duration: 01:53 Backup Your Database
  • • Video 32 - Duration: 01:24 AutoSave Interval
  • • Video 33 - Duration: 01:29 Post Revisions
  • • Video 34 - Duration: 00:51 Empty Trash
  • • Video 35 - Duration: 00:59 Automatic Database Optimizing
  • • Video 36 - Duration: 00:47 Minify Code
  • • Video 37 - Duration: 00:46 Caching

Review: WordPress iPad App

iPad Basics

Double-tap the screen to zoom in on the page you are viewing.
Tap and hold an icon on any of the iPad home pages. When all the icons begin to shake, drag one of them to arrange them the way you want. You can drag an icon on top of another icon to form folders of apps.

A flick is similar to a swipe but is done faster, almost as if one is “tossing” the item.

To nudge an item, you touch and hold and slowly slide the direction you want to move the item. This is an action you might use within a program like iMovie when you are editing a video.

When viewing a photo or a web page, pinch together to make it smaller or spread or pinch apart to zoom in.

You press the Home button to return to the home screen. You also press the Sleep / Wake button to power down, sleep or wake the iPad.

Rotate iPad
When you rotate the iPad 90 degrees it automatically adjusts the image to fit the new angle. You can use the switch on the side to lock the screen in either landscape or portrait.

Note: The function of this switch can be changed to a mute button. If you can’t lock the rotation then open Settings, select General and swipe down to Use Side Switch to. Here you can choose Lock Rotation or Mute.

Rotate item
You can rotate an item by twisting two fingers over the item.

You’ll do a lot of “swiping” when working on an iPad. Take your finger and quickly (and lightly) move across the screen horizontally or vertically. You swipe to initially unlock the screen, to move to the next photo in a series or to scroll through a web page.

When working on an iPad you tap an app to open it or tap on a link to launch it

Tap and Hold
Tap and hold an icon on any of the iPad screens to activate the option to move or delete an icon.


iBooks is a free app from Apple that is an interface for reading ePub books and PDF files. There are many free ePub books available at the Gutenberg project. You will also download some PDF files for this workshop. They will download to a separate shelf than the books. You can also create different collections for books and PDF files. You might have your students create a collection for each subject they take.

There are some free titles available at the iTunes Bookstore but you can also download a sample of any book that is available at the store. When you are in iBooks, click the Store button to access it. Of course you must have Internet access to do so.

Once you enter the store, you might want to search by categories to just see what's available. Then again, you might have a favorite current title in mind that you have wanted to buy but were holding off. Well, search for it and download a sample! That's the best way in this digital age to decide if it's worth purchasing.

Here are a couple free ones you might want to download. Search for:
iPad and then select iPad User Guide for iOS 6.0 (When you search for iPad there are several other free iPad books that show up. Try them if you want to see what they have to offer.
Short Story Classics http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/short-story-classics-american/id510328840?mt=11
Best of the World's Classics
Volume V Britain and Ireland http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/best-worlds-classics-vol./id511124652?mt=11
See All in this series http://ax.search.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZSearch.woa/wa/search?entity=ebook&media=all&page=1&restrict=false&startIndex=0&term=Best+of+the+Worlds+Classics

The Harvard Classics: Choose from any in this lengthy series http://ax.search.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZSearch.woa/wa/search?entity=ebook&media=all&page=1&restrict=false&startIndex=0&term=The+Harvard+Classics

You might also try free and any topic you are looking for. That might look for free short stories.

OK now try a book you have been wanting to read. Search for it and download a sample.



Gutenberg Mobile Site

Individual books at the Gutenberg Project (All the Classics are There!) Look for an ePub version and if they offer one with images grab that.

When you click on the file, it will offer you options for programs you can save it in. Choose iBooks. If iBooks doesn't show up, it means you probably need to download it from the App store. Here's JUST a taste of what is available, it's all free so search for your favorite classic authors!

The Tale of Peter Rabbit (I know it seems young but for any class that does a unit on Children's Literature it's a classic, and the illustrations are beautiful!)

Grimm's Fairy Tales

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Peter Pan

Treasure Island

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Robinson Crusoe

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Oliver Twist

Pride and Prejudice

A Tale of Two Cities

The Best American Short Stories